18 Apr 2014

How To Train A Dog To Sit

As for dogs, the basic training includes “sit down”, “stand up”, and “lie down”. In the following paragraphs, we are going to introduce the method of training “sit down”.
16 Apr 2014

Train Your Dog to Stand

The training of shaking hands is very simple. As for some smart dogs, it doesn’t take that long for the dog to catch on, they learn quickly. For dogs that do not catch on so quickly, one
13 Apr 2014

How to Train Your Dog to Shake Hands

The first lesson is to train the dog on how to shake hands. It is simple and basic training: as long as the owner gives the dog a hand, the dog will shake hands with the owner
31 Mar 2014

Australian Cattle

Australian Cattle Dog is famous for the strong bite. As the dog has to guide the herd for long distances in the inland of Australia, it shall be able to adapt to the wild environment in the
28 Mar 2014

Australian Terrier

Australian Terrier is short in height and the body is long. Its head is flat and the hair is long and hard. The small mouse is pursing and the eyes are black and bright.