30 Jul 2014

Is my dog suffering from constipation

The dog hasn’t pooped in three days. Is it suffering from constipation? At first, you should think about whether the daily routine of the dog is normal. If everything goes regularly, most probably the dog is suffering
2 Jul 2014

Why do the dog’s eyes turn white and turbid

The causes for white and turbid eyes are as follows: a cataract, corneal opacity and a glaucomatous cataract.
26 Jun 2014

How to determine whether the dog is pregnant

About 22 or 25 days after the dogs mate, a primary diagnosis can be made by palpation.
25 Jun 2014

When Can You Take Your Puppy a Bath

For dogs under two months old, you can wipe it with a warm towel to keep it clean. If not, a young dog might catch a cold. For dogs older than two months, however, you can feel
23 Jun 2014

How many teeth do dogs have

The dog has 28 deciduous teeth. When the dog is eight or nine months old, the teeth are replaced into permanent teeth and the dog has 42 permanent teeth.